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2024-2026 PROJECTS

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Teen Editions

Where teens connect for success!


Teen Editions is a multi-platform enterprise that creates products and services for the Teen World!

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Teen Thrillers 
The Book Series

Teen Thrillers is a 20 book series written by C D Golden  The series is based on the top 20 ways young people are either being killed or killing, by making bad decisions.  This groundbreaking book series will find its way into the hands of a teens... and when it does, a good thing happens, they begin to contemplate...and that's a good start!

Teen Thrillers is a thrilling and scary cable series based on C D Golden's Teen Thriller's book series.


Each scary story's theme is based on the many ways young people die by making bad decisions.


This series connects to Teen Edition's goal by providing new ways young people can make better decisions, than die prematurely from making bad ones.



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"Are you a Teen Thriller?"
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We are thrilled to bring our new apparel designs, itemsand things in our new online store!  Driven Fashions, GYLO, and Mindful Wear are but a few of the cool fashions that we'll be bring you, the student changing the world!

Are You A Teen Thriler Store
Bosom's Pool
The Cable Series 

Bosom's Pool is a new television series created by C D Golden.  This soul inspiring series delivers to the soul, spritual stories  of people of the bible, past, present and future are experiencing ... A God Experience. ​                          C D Golden ​

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Bosom's Pool
Strictly for the soul
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Black Santa

Black Santa is a feature holiday classic.  Written by C D Golden.


This classic holiday film production will be a favorite family treat each Chrstimas, as it is filled with laughter, adventure, festive songs, love and the true meaning of Christmas...


Love in the form of giving.


Black Santa will have guessed it, laughing!

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