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A Golden Publishing Company

C D Golden is a profound storyteller.  His thrilling book series, Teen Thrillers are 20 short stories books of teens dying from making bad decisions.  Each book presents a deadly or destructive lifestyle young people are living and entertaining.

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“Death, himself is escorting 50,000 young people to Hell and sense this is a problem, so he goes to Heaven and ask the LORD, if he can help with teens dying from making bad decisions, the LORD sends him to HELL for retrieve 20 dead teens to tell their stories of how they died.  Death then is sent to me, the Writer to help produce this book of two realms.  The Teens would tell their death stories and what kinds of horror they are experiencing. I was chosen to compose the books and insert the statistics regarding each book’s theme and, Death, he will give his precious knowledge of how not to come to his reluctant arms.”


Teen Thrillers will give young people a place to contemplate before they make a decisions that will cost them their lives and perhaps others as well.


Read Teen Thrillers and see if you have met, living with or are…A Teen Thriller?

Teen Thrillers Book Series

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Coming Soon - Teen Editions and Teen Thriller Store

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